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HowTo Conditionally de-register JS, CSS scripts in WordPress to avoid Dependency Pollution

WordPress is a very popular platform, as you may know already, counting hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins cause of its developer-friendly approach. So, plugins, may have a GUI. User interfaces in web development, as we know it, need css and js for their graphics and functionalities etc. WordPress core dev team brought us, […]

Boostnote is the new kickass note taking app for programmers 1

Boostnote is the new kickass note taking app for programmers

Boostnote  is an open-source note taking app especially designed for programmers. Build up with Electron framework, previously known as atom shell – atom’s editor engine, make it the ultimate free and open-source cross-platform kickass note app for developers! Your notes will be written in markdown and instantly saved, while Boostnote will make sure  your source […]


prefix console.log without affecting the line number #Javascript

Prefixing the console.log while keeping its ability to inform you about the code line wherefrom it was called is little hacky but useful to use in your own javascript applications. I was scratching my head while I was coding in one of my projects, I was up to a point that I needed a more […]


Javascript dynamic method initiation for fallback-ing

You can follow this  way of dynamic method initiation when you needed to run dynamically all the object methods or providesome fallbacks to any given function. The code is more or less self explanatory. In case you have any questions or an enchancement drop me a comment. A short brief   This code continuously iterates over the object methods […]

JQuery Tutorials -JQuery Wildcard Selectors 2

JQuery Tutorials -JQuery Wildcard Selectors

So for wildcards this can be done.

Update: I’ve discovered that is not usable in some cases. In case you are really in trouble, you can use

This will work in any of these “Ellement1″,”Ellement2″,”EllementSomething” cases.[/crayon]