Boostnote is the new kickass note taking app for programmers 1

Boostnote is the new kickass note taking app for programmers

Boostnote  is an open-source note taking app especially designed for programmers. Build up with Electron framework, previously known as atom shell – atom’s editor engine, make it the ultimate free and open-source cross-platform kickass note app for developers! Your notes will be written in markdown and instantly saved, while Boostnote will make sure  your source code will be correctly highlighted as it has over 100 syntax highlight-able languages! So far Boostnote is not worth the title of this article, but the story is not over yet!

Boostnote has an exceptional, pleasant  UI & UX with a few well-put hotkeys, which can be changed at will. You can also search and copy your notes or code through its Finder blazingly fast, organize your notes/ source code samples / snippets with tags and whole projects in folders. One of my favourite features of Boostnote is that I can share any of my snippets or notes easily and when my colleagues copy it, they copy the source (markdown too) instead of the html representation of my sharing, so they can paste into their local Boostnote or everywhere else is needed to be used. Every time the content of a note is changed the sharing url will be different with an expiration date seven days later.

Features I’m missing

  1. User set expiration could be awesome, with a maximum time of seven days.
  2. A dark theme. Boostnote’s objective is to be open all day and write things down or copy snippets. Well, some days can be tiring, eyes get tired too; so a dark theme to -at least- rest my eyes or change my mood, could work for everybody.
  3. Finder on Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 doesn’t work (never tested in other distros).
  4. Synchronization with seafile, owncloud, remote storage

Overall, I think Boostnote worth your try, I’m definitely keeping it for my day to day work.

Read more at Boostnote’s tutorial page

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