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HowTo Conditionally de-register JS, CSS scripts in WordPress to avoid Dependency Pollution

WordPress is a very popular platform, as you may know already, counting hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins cause of its developer-friendly approach. So, plugins, may have a GUI. User interfaces in web development, as we know it, need css and js for their graphics and functionalities etc. WordPress core dev team brought us, […]

Real WordPress Cron Jobs 1

Real WordPress Cron Jobs

WP cron is one of the greatest features of WordPress. However, it’s irritating when your site is low traffic, or for whatever reason, wp cron refuses to work properly. You can’t schedule your postings or newsletter digests, social media re-posts, WAF scanning, etc. And if your plan is to get serious about your personal blog […]

Change mysql collation from latin to utf8 - all tables and all columns 4

Change mysql collation from latin to utf8 – all tables and all columns

Change mysql collation from latin* to utf8 can be done by simply stop being a lazy bastard and, take the time to change the default mysql collation for the new databases you create… But what can I say, I’m a lazy bastard after all. I keep doing the same mistake over and over again. Just […]

Handlebars ifequal helper 5

Handlebars ifequal helper

Handlebars.js  {{#if}} helper lacks of equality condition. In cases where some logic should be put inside the template, some folks prefer to override it. But instead of overriding {{#if}} helper, and taking my chances to break previous/older handlebars templates in my projects, I’m always about to use my custom helper {{#ifequal}}.



Vagrant repackaging box from existing one #vagrant 6

Vagrant repackaging box from existing one #vagrant

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Vagrant

Vagrant repackaging is a hacky way to create a new vagrant box from an existing one, which is already configured and well tested. In this article, scope is not to explain the benefits of using virtualization in your development workflows. As well, I’m assuming that you: already have the latest vagrant installed, hostupdater plugin and […]


prefix console.log without affecting the line number #Javascript

Prefixing the console.log while keeping its ability to inform you about the code line wherefrom it was called is little hacky but useful to use in your own javascript applications. I was scratching my head while I was coding in one of my projects, I was up to a point that I needed a more […]


Javascript dynamic method initiation for fallback-ing

You can follow this  way of dynamic method initiation when you needed to run dynamically all the object methods or providesome fallbacks to any given function. The code is more or less self explanatory. In case you have any questions or an enchancement drop me a comment. A short brief   This code continuously iterates over the object methods […]

jQuery Tutorials - Hide/protect mailto: links from spam bots and email harvesters #3 7

jQuery Tutorials – Hide/protect mailto: links from spam bots and email harvesters #3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Spambot Protection

Here is a jQuery snippet that can protect email addresses from email harvesters. All you need to do is to inlcude .mail class to your “mailto:” html links like the example below.


line 2: Gather all the elements with the matched criteria line 3: Iterate on these elements line 4: on each […]

wordpress essential plugins

[Updated] WordPress Essential Plugins

This is my list with the most essential wordpress CMS plug-ins. In order to find and install these plugins, you can directly search them in WordPress plugin search engine. If I missed something please drop me a line to update the post. Security: UPDATE (26/12/2014) iThemes security (malware scanning via virus total, wp-admin url hiding […]