JQuery Tutorials -JQuery Wildcard Selectors 1

JQuery Tutorials -JQuery Wildcard Selectors

So for wildcards this can be done.

Update: I’ve discovered that is not usable in some cases. In case you are really in trouble, you can use

This will work in any of these “Ellement1″,”Ellement2″,”EllementSomething” cases.[/crayon]

JQuery Tutorials – Use JQuery to protect/rewrite emails from spam bots

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Spambot Protection

This jquery snippet protects your published email addresses from being obtained from spam bots. Keep in mind that your (html)code must be in form Peter_[at]_example.com and the emails must be inside an ellement with mail class in order to let javascript replace the correct characters. Of course you can modify it as you wish ;) […]

Reveal Password From Input Boxes With Chrome Tools 2

Reveal Password From Input Boxes With Chrome Tools

In this tutorial I will show you how to reveal password characters (asterisks) from a html input form, with Google Chrome Developer Tools. This is a very simple hack with Google Chrome don’t freak out. It’s so easy. Update: I noticed some forum threads from backlinking. Guys, this is absolutely normal. It cannot be remotely […]