Handlebars ifequal helper 1

Handlebars ifequal helper

Handlebars.js  {{#if}} helper lacks of equality condition. In cases where some logic should be put inside the template, some folks prefer to override it. But instead of overriding {{#if}} helper, and taking my chances to break previous/older handlebars templates in my projects, I’m always about to use my custom helper {{#ifequal}}.




prefix console.log without affecting the line number #Javascript

Prefixing the console.log while keeping its ability to inform you about the code line wherefrom it was called is little hacky but useful to use in your own javascript applications. I was scratching my head while I was coding in one of my projects, I was up to a point that I needed a more […]


Javascript dynamic method initiation for fallback-ing

You can follow this  way of dynamic method initiation when you needed to run dynamically all the object methods or providesome fallbacks to any given function. The code is more or less self explanatory. In case you have any questions or an enchancement drop me a comment. A short brief   This code continuously iterates over the object methods […]