MediaWiki over ssl encryption 1

MediaWiki over ssl encryption

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Mediawiki is the best known wiki software. It’s the same software wikipedia relies on. Allows us to gather and store information in a semantic way, it is also usefull for  mind mapping.  Mediawiki has some simple but cool features such as heading based article formating, URI redirect, automatic outline numbering based on headings, dynamic content […]

socks proxy

SSH as SOCKs 5 proxy

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Let’s say, for example, that “someone” is traffic shaping our peer 2 peer connections or eavesdropping traffic in general, blocking or any other domain/service… Here’s a really cool antidote: SSH proxy. I think it’s a really nice gesture to give someone the access on something that’s been blocked without his permission. To use ssh […]

socks proxy

Linux user account with ssh-only permissions

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series SSH Best Practices

SSH (among other things) is a secure way of proxy-ing your traffic, web browsing or accessing a  service remotely  which is blocked by a firewall. In case we want someone else to have that access or securely proxying his traffic etc etc,  we need to provide a user account with ssh-only access to our ssh […]

Linux home directory encryption 2

Linux home directory encryption

Encrypting the $HOME directory under ubuntu/debian and other dists. In my case my $USER is “ubuntu” so be careful to replace that with your own user. Be sure to have more than the double free space in your $HOME than the size of the files to complete the migration, else copy your files temporarily in […]