MediaWiki over ssl encryption 1

MediaWiki over ssl encryption

Mediawiki is the best known wiki software. It’s the same software wikipedia relies on. Allows us to gather and store information in a semantic way, it is also usefull for  mind mapping.  Mediawiki has some simple but cool features such as heading based article formating, URI redirect, automatic outline numbering based on headings, dynamic content sidebars, navigation menus and awesome tagging, pages categorizing, searching content including media files, pages, tags, categories and the actual content.

It’s identical for personal or business use as it is easy to install, adjust, and manage, and it’s super lightweight to operate.. of course, in such a tool, we wouldn’t like plain text logins over public wifi or office network where those bastards (sysadmins :PPP) are only delighted when everything is proxied and totally controled. Who wants to get eavesdropped when just submitting his/her thoughts or private-personal info?

So here’s a simple guide to use mediawiki over ssl encryption.

First you got to setup your webserver (like apache or nginx) to listen to 443, or anyother port, for ssl connections (not a part of this tutorial).

Second, you have to setup and enable mod_rewrite (also not a part of this tutorial), create an .htaccess file in your website’s root  folder (ex. public_html || www) and paste this code

and third you need to modify


and change $wgServer variable to

Then just save and upload LocalSettings.php!



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