[Updated]How to install Vuze/Azureus on Ubuntu 14.04 and other Ubuntu derivatives 1

[Updated]How to install Vuze/Azureus on Ubuntu 14.04 and other Ubuntu derivatives

Vuze bitTorrent client is a mature piece of software with killer features (unfortunately it’s written in java -and i hate java btw :D ) ! Let’s count some….



Fast Start Extension: enabling new peers to quickly start downloading despite their lack of pieces to trade

UPnP / NAT-PMP: The Vuze client automatically configures your router and network to optimize your download speed

Offline Download Mode: Supported routers will take over your torrent download queue while you’re offline, and automatically sync new downloads with your PC as soon as you’re back online

Torrent Meta Search functionality: So you don’t have to check every torrent site for your desired torrents

Torrent Download Subscriptions: Once you’ve downloaded the desired content you can look for the rss icon to subscribe. This is really helpful when you’re dealing with related content. Whenever a new update is online you will get notified instantly so you can download it.

Media Server: With vuze media server you can view locally your downloaded videos or movies, or you can stream them to whoever you want on your LAN.

Remote Control: from web interface and thin clients on mobile devices. This is by far, the easiest remote control for torrent client I’ve ever set up until now, plus, it’s the most flexible solution for normal users. If you want to set Vuze Remote Control :

  1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Vuze Web Remote -> in pairing section enable default password protection (username=vuze & password=<pairing access code>)
  2. [Update] Go to Tools -> Remote Pairing and follow the set up wizard. This will update Vuze with xmwebui plugin and once this is done the wizard will prompt you with the access code you need.
  3. Copy access code to clipboard and go to remote.vuze.com and paste it.
  4. Manage your vuze instance remotely, Start & Stop torrents, add new by uploading them, search for new using torrent meta search functionality etc.







Via Plug-in:


3D View of swarm

Advanced statistics: If you wanna do it like a pro :P

Vuze backup configuration: Let’s you backup your vuze client config. Really good if you are a pc freak (like me) with lots of machines around.

Chat: You can create one discussion channel per torrent.

Speed Scheduler: Schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week. Many ISPs are traffic shaping mostly during peak hours/days so you can schedule your way out.

 How to install Vuze bitTorrent client


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