[MediaWiki] Simple Private Wiki Permissions 1

[MediaWiki] Simple Private Wiki Permissions

Another wiki tip I needed often back in time was, “how to create a simple private wiki for me and/or my work colleagues?”. Well, wikis are used by so many geeks to reduce productivity or as a stress relief tool for backing up their notes or their precious geek-work. When I needed a wiki for a particular project or something more generic, I wanted nothing more or less than a mediawiki – which is the king of wiki software in my opinion- and i wanted it “right now”, fully customized, permissions-ready, ssl encrypted , a pretty well themed -yes, I’ve also spentĀ  thousands of hours in front of my wikis documenting my work or collaborating with others in various projects.

So, here’s a little snippet for mediawiki in order to create a private wiki. Just paste it at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php and save it.

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