VLSub plugin for VLC media player – how to install and use – ubuntu 11.10 (unity)

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VLSub is a VLC media player extension for search and download subtitles for your movies from opensubtitles.com. Automatically. The search is based on Video hash and IMDB ID of the movie.
Supports 49 languages!
Tested with Ubuntu 11.10 and vlc 2.0.0 and found Stable. Vlc 1.1.xx is also compatible and stable as far as i know.

Download and install VLSub…

Download the file from here.

Open your terminal Ctrl+Alt+T

type the following commands.

Note: the .local folder is hidden. To see it press Ctrl+H. This will unhide the hidden folders so you can navigate.

the folder should like this. [screenshot 1.1]

restart vlc

When vlc starts go to View -> VLSub ( is last option of the “View” menu) [See screenshot 1.2]

Note: If you use Unity. Select Vlcs window and find the View menu on the top bar of the screen. There should be the VLsub sub menu entry.

Using the VLSub plugin...

A new window will open.

Open a movie with vlc or just drang n drop it inside vlc window.


  • Make sure that is selected "Video hash" method for search method.
  • Make sure you have your language selected. press Go.

[Screenshot 1.3]

After VLSub is finished with searching.

Click the correct subtitle file and press ok.

If the subtitle is not correct select another one and press ok, again.

Once youre satisfied :P press close.


Vlsub has been updated to 0.9.8, bug fixes and new features are applied. Download the zip file (vlsub0-9-8) , extract and update the current vlsub extenstion.


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