exif data

Delete your personal info from your photos with Exif tool

When you create an image, take a screenshot, take a picture with your smartphone or your computer etc, that picture is tagged with some metadata which can be used to track your location or your identity.

In which file types are these metadata applied?

Image files (scanned documents too), audio files.

What info are embeded in photos?

Camera Brand, Camera Model, GPS data, Camera Serial Number, Device Name (most of the times is your name) etc

Which devices tag these files?

Almost all. Smarphones like iPhones (3G 3GS, 4, 4S), Nokia N95, N85, smartphones with Android OS, Blackberries. Scanners, Digital Cameras, Personal Computer Screenshot tools.

Solution: EXIF TOOL

Installation of exiftool

Using exiftool


or for multiple images.

Multiple images in multiple directories (recursive)




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