HowTo – Set up Deluge torrent server (aka seedbox) headless with Ubuntu

Deluge is a bit torrent protocol client, designed in client server model and has the ability to run in multiple and various interfaces. Client, web interface and console. So lets’s say you have an ubuntu server installed somewhere or an ubuntu desktop which you want to load, with all the damn work of downloading huge files form the internet.In this tutorial you will learn how to create and manage your torrent server via gtk ui and web interface.

Here is some Deluge features:

  • Core/UI split allowing Deluge to run as a daemon
  • Connect remotely to the Deluge daemon
  • Web UI
  • Console UI
  • GTK UI
  • BitTorrent Protocol Encryption
  • Mainline DHT
  • Local Peer Discovery (aka LSD)
  • FAST protocol extension
  • µTorrent Peer Exchange
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP
  • Proxy support
  • Web seed
  • Private Torrents
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits
  • Configurable bandwidth scheduler
  • Password protection
  • RSS (via Plugin)
  • and much more…

Setting up Your Server:

Log in via ssh or open your terminal and type

Add the deluge repo to download the latest version of deluge. Deluge already exists in Ubuntu official repositories but may be out of date.

Once you’re done with that…

run the deluge daemon.

Set your username and password and user permissions level (10=administrator).

Restart deluge deamon.

Run deluge console to enable remote connections.

This enables remote connections to the daemon from GTK UI.

Now you are able to remote manage your torrent server via deluge client.

Installation and Settings for Deluge client:

1. Install deluge client. (steps 1 to 3)

2. Start deluge client, open prefrences, select Interface option at left pane and Uncheck Enable Classic mode and restart deluge client.

3. Once it opens again click Connection Manager.

4. Click add and enter your server’s ip address in the hostname input and leave the port as it is.

5. Enter the username and the password, you entered before and hit ok.

6. Select your server’s entry and hit Connect and you are done.

Install, Enable/Disable web interface.

WebUI Installation

Enable/Disable WebUI

Once you are Remote Connected (Step 6 above) to the server -through thin client- you can enable or disable the WebUI.

1. Open preferences and in the Plugins section enable the WebUi plugin and hit ok.

2. Select WebUI option below Plugins (left pane) and enable/disable web interface.
HowTo - Set up Deluge torrent server (aka seedbox) headless with Ubuntu 3
Now you are ready to manage your server from GTK ui and Web Interface via http://youripaddress:8112

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