Split large FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV files from CUE sheets - split2flac tool 1

Split large FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV files from CUE sheets – split2flac tool

  • Split large FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV files from CUE sheets – split2flac tool

Splitting large flac audio files according to a .cue sheet can be a great pain in the ass in 99.99% of the cases. I just found an awesome command-line tool that does it really well! split2flac technically is a simple bash script integrating other software, cue tools and shntool.


split2flac Key features

  1. Automatically finds the corresponding .cue file; You just target the .flac/.mp3/.ogg/.wav files
  2. Keeps the IDv2/3 tags of all of the tracks
  3. Discovers the album cover from tags or cover image files

In a nutshell

  1. Download the files from the github repo and place them in /usr/local/bin
  2. Just use the script, like split2flac  large_track_file.flac

About “Music Junky’s” series:

Music is my lifetime hobby, through all these years, I’ve developed a methodology and management techniques to maintain large music libraries, and keep them tagged. Tried out literally hundreds of different tools, developed ways of exploring music and combine all these pieces for the best outcome. I enjoy self-educating myself in music and  in these article series I will try to document and share my best tools, the whole audio setup, including gear. Hope you enjoy it!


Author’s Notes

split2flac splits one big APE/FLAC/TTA/WV/WAV audio image (or a collection of such files, recursively) with CUE sheet into FLAC/M4A/MP3/OGG_VORBIS/WAV tracks with tagging, renaming, charset conversion of cue sheet, album cover images. It also uses configuration file, so no need to pass a lot of arguments every time, only an input file. Should work in any POSIX-compliant shell.

NOTE: script is able to find cover image and cue sheet automatically (including internal ones).

Manual installation

  • place split2flac somewhere (/usr/bin or /usr/local/bin is fine)
  • create symbolic links to the same file like this:


  • Required:
    • shntool
    • cuetools
  • Optional:
    • flac (or better flake, which is much faster) to split from/into FLAC
    • faac and libmp4v2 to split into M4A
    • wavpack to split WV
    • mac to split APE
    • ttaenc to split TTA
    • imagemagick to convert/resize album cover images
    • iconv to convert CUE sheet from non-UTF8 charset
    • enca to automatically detect charset if it’s not UTF8
    • lame and id3lib (or better mutagen for Unicode tags) to split into MP3
    • vorbis-tools to split into OGG VORBIS
  • Replay Gain:
    • flac for FLAC Replay Gain support
    • aacgain to adjust gain in M4A
    • mp3gain for MP3
    • vorbisgain for OGG VORBIS gain adjustment


1 thought on “Split large FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV files from CUE sheets – split2flac tool”

  1. The title reads “Split large FLAC, MP3, OGG,” but split2flac doesn’t split large mp3 or ogg files to individual tracks. It only splits from lossless formats to several lossless/lossy formats.


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