HowTo Fix kolab_smtp_access_policy exit status 1 1

HowTo Fix kolab_smtp_access_policy exit status 1

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  • HowTo Fix kolab_smtp_access_policy exit status 1

In case it happens to use Kolab with Ubuntu you might face the “kolab_smtp_access_policy exit status 1” error when sending or receiving emails!

Kolab is definitely one-of-a-kind open source groupware server software out there. It’s the best! It’s so stable that can handle the day of reckoning! But after un-fucking the initial installation! Anyways …

I’m using Kolab 16.0.1-16 on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS. For an unknown reason, Kolab installation wasn’t able to install all the components with success. So far, I’ve manage to install & configure more than 10 servers, with the same setup in question, and every time there were different issues at the installation level.

So if you have a similar log output from postfix:


Consider installing the python-pymysql package via apt package manager!


Thank this Source and google translate!


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