How to Setup a free Webradio Server - Install a Shoutcast Server on Linux 1

How to Setup a free Webradio Server – Install a Shoutcast Server on Linux

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to setup your own free shoutcast server with shoutcast server software from

1. login to your server via ssh (ssh tutorial) to get a remote command line or just fire-up the keyboard right in front of your server! ;p

2. create a folder where you want to download the shoutcast server.

3. get into that directory by typing:

4. and

to download the server.

5. decompress the tarball

Now comes the server configuration….
Which depends in each case.
The below configuration refers in most cases.

6. open the configuration file with

Now you can edit the conf file.

7. Lets explain some of the variables here.

MaxUsers= by default this should be 32, it’s the maximum amount of simultaneous Listeners allowed.

There is a note! The MaxUsers you can take is equal of this (BroadcastBitRate/YourUploadBandwidth).
ex. 256kbps/24kbps=10 maximum listeners

Password= something alphanumerical which will be used to Connect to your server to broadcast.

PortBase= by default is 8000.This will be the port you or your listeners will connect to broadcast or listen or administrate the server.
Keep in mind that Shoutcast webradio server will need 8000 8001 ports opened and both TCP, UDP protocols opened too.

Next thing you should change is the DestIP this should be your Public IP
And finally AdminPassword is the password you should use to administrate your shoutcast internet station via the web interface(http://DestIP:PortBase).

Done with the basic configuration!!!

8. Save the changes by pressing Ctrl x, say yes to modify the .conf file and then press Enter to the next question about file format.

9. Run the shoutcast server by typing ./sc_serv.

10. To access your shoutcast radio server type into your browser’s address bar http://DestIP:Portbase ex.

11. From Listen link you can download the playlist and open it to hear your broadcasts.

12. From Admin Login link you can manage your station get logfiles remotely and see your listeners.

Pending updates for “Shoutcast Server Advanced Setup“,Broadcasting to shoutcast server, Administration, Professional Scheduling etc.


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