How to install emmet on Sublime Text 2 via Package Control 1

How to install emmet on Sublime Text 2 via Package Control

Emmet and sublime text 2 (or 3, 3 is Alpha version yet) might be one of the best combos to boost your work flow when writing an application. Sublime text is my favourite editor since I broke up with geany. :P

Sublime text 2

We all know sublime text 2 editor, right? It’s a cross platform text editor with python API, full of awesome features while keeping things simple but not simpler, super fast, expandable, themable, highly configurable (remember: keystrokes are our wingmen). To mention some of my favourite keystrokes…

Ctrl+Shift+P => is command palette so you can type sshtml, on a new file, to set syntax to html  etc.

Ctrl+P => is a “GoTo anything”  functionality which allows you to search from file names to functions among your project files.

Ctrl+D => selects next occurrence so you can replace all vars inside your 1k lines code sheet by only changing the current one.

Ctrl+K => deletes one or more lines of code. you can mark as many as you want with Ctrl+LMC (left mouse click)

Ctrl+Shift+/ => comments the selected lines, character or whatever with multiline comment tag

Ctrl+/ => single line comment

Ctrl+ => opens python console (Notice that keystroke, we're going to use it to install emmet from package control later)





Emmet is  an editor plugin which helps us to insert snippets (web-dev languages for now) in new way. For more information check the links below.


Emmet Cheat Sheet

Emmet Abbreviations

Emmet Actions


Emmet installation for Sublime Text 2


  1. Open sublime text 2
  2. Ctrl +
  3. Paste the code below to setup Package Control for sublime

  4. When it’s finished you’ll have to restart  sublime text
  5. press Ctrl + Shift + P and then type: install package and press enter. Wait until packages menu appear and type “emmet” then press enter to install. It will take 10-20sec to complete.
  6. open a new file (Ctrl+N), press Ctrl+Shift+P, type sshtml, hit enter, type html:5, hit tab. Voilà!


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