Free IM overview

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Set up an account

  1. Visit registration tool.
  2. Pick a username and password.
  3. Type the  letters into the CAPTCHA (to confirm that you are a human and not an automated robot).
  4. Click “Create Account”. score

To add your new account to the software (jitsi):

  1. From the main menu choose File > Add new account…
  2. In the Add new account dialog, Network drop down menu choose “XMPP”
  3. Enter your username followed by (for example if your username was noob you would type [email protected]).
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click “Add”.


Tips you need to know

  1. PROTOCOL: The protocol you will use is: xmpp, so when you’re up to setting up a new account on … let’s say jitsi… choose the xmpp protocol for your account.
  2. USERNAMES: If your username is “noobuser” then your JID is ( is the name of the server)
  3. PASSWORD: If you loose your password you CAN’T restore it. So keep it somewhere safe.
    1. You can change your password anytime you want from your client’s account settings.



Most convenient and stable clients are:

  1. Jitsi (cross platform – supports conference audio/video calls, remote desktop, file transfer)
  2. Empathy (linux – supports audio/video calls, remote desktop, file transfer)
  3. Gajim (cross platform – support audio/video calls, file transfer )
  4. Pidgin (cross platform)

Mobile clients:

  1. Conversations (Awesomeness !!) (f-droid) (google play)
  2. Xabber (clean and neat android client)
  3. Chat secure (Android & iPhone)

 Contact admins

If you encounter any service problems or need to ask a question add our accounts to your roster.